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  1. Ms. Marvel looks like she would make a reallllllly nice Minimate.
  2. I didn't even notice it's just the regular version of Jungle Predator again. That's a huge bummer UNLESS they finally throw in that Minimate skull and spinal cord accessory!
  3. I had both Stockman and Saki in my cart at Luke's at one point and then when I went to order them they were both out of stock. I can grab the TRU TMNT 5 sets at cost + shipping if you need help tracking them down.
  4. They were on there the first week they came out but there hasn't been any since. They are pretty much impossible to get unless you want to drop $80+ on a case.
  5. They're popping up in my area now so I can also help out whoever wants these at cost + shipping.
  6. Yeah, someone posted the list and pics for the new Alice stuff in the Alice thread.
  7. And they're out of stock now. I love the TMNT line but this is beyond frustrating at this point.
  8. Ditto!
  9. Does anyone have the proto pics for these?
  10. It would give him the height but it would probably look too skinny
  11. What was the line-up for Series 2 again?
  12. I have no interest in the Space Turtles. Check your inbox.
  13. I don't think Colossus looks quite right bulked up. He's a big guy but not huge like Hulk or Juggernaut.
  14. Wow, that original set was released 12 years ago?! Now I feel old! Sunfire, Thunderbird and Banshee all look great. I've already got multiple versions of the other ones so I'm not quite as excited about those ones. I think the chrome look on the original Colossus has still been the best looking one so far.
  15. C'mon Dumb & Dumber or Goonies!